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We at Purple Bunny deploy and manage small business and enterprise networks and IT systems, from simple Wi-Fi and workstation solutions, to multi-location cloud environments with complex integrations. Enjoy peace of mind with a solid IT infrastructure.

We make solutions available to small business owners that were once only available to large corporations. These solutions are helping small businesses be more flexible and efficient while saving time and money.

This service will also include the following:

Data Backup
Today, there are many kinds of data backup services that help enterprises and organizations ensure that data is secure and that critical information is not lost in a natural disaster, theft situation or other kinds of emergency. We find the solution that meets your needs.
Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster recovery is a set of policies and procedures which focus on protecting an organization from any significant effects in case of a negative event, which may include cyberattacks, natural disasters or building or device failures. Disaster recovery helps in designing strategies that can restore hardware, applications and data quickly for business continuity.
24/7 Remote Monitoring
Our 24/7 remote monitoring service ensures that your business is able to run without any worries. We will keep you up to date with your IT situation and provide you with different solutions and options accordingly.
Proactive Maintenance
We apply this method in order to protect equipment from breaking down by finding the root cause of each failure. Through this, our staff is able apply the necessary measures that can lead to faults in the equipment and degradation.
Vendor Management
Our vendor management system allows us to perform actions such as obtaining quotes with pricing from clients, negotiate contracts, assigning staff members, ensuring payments are made, and more. We will closely work with you and the members of your team in order to bring goals into fruition.
Networking and Infrastructure
This can include everything from onsite infrastructure setup to networking through an outsourced infrastructure, all done at the various levels of service required by an individual company. It may include wireless and mobile networking, managed cloud infrastructure, remotely managed print services, and many other IT services that can be controlled either onsite or remotely from the MSP’s location.
Security Management
Management of all aspects of network security as needed, including protecting with the latest anti-malware applications, software patching and maintenance, application compatibility, and other elements of risk prevention and security.
Communications Services
We manage IT services that include data, voice, and video as part of the total package of provided and managed services.
Data Analytics
This involves monitoring and recording of various network data to use for planning more effective and useful networking solutions.
Support Desk
This is one of the most commonly offered services and includes varying levels of help desk support and technical support.
Security Software
  • Get additional protection without the additional cost. A managed services partner includes security and monitoring software to help protect your money, privacy, identity and data.
  • Helps safeguard against virus, ransomware and malware and cyber attacks
  • Works on every covered device without disrupting service
  • Features the latest in security to help safeguard against new threats
  • Includes anti-phishing to help protect your personal info from fake sites that try to trick you into entering passwords and other sensitive info

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